Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 207 - "Movin' On Up"

I'm separating all of my news into two blog posts to make it easier on the eyes.

After all of the stress I had been putting myself through, I broke down Sunday evening and emailed my admissions counselor for graduate school.  I was worried enough and had had enough close calls with panic attacks that I needed to do something.  Panic symptoms suck.

When I got home from work Monday afternoon, there was an email waiting from the program director.  It turns out that some of my paperwork had gotten misplaced, misfiled, or something, and that I could have had an answer weeks ago.  All I would have had to have done was gotten over myself and emailed someone.

Now I'm gearing up for interviews!  I have a bunch of internships that I spent all day today writing cover letters and resumes for and I'll be tentatively interviewing for positions on April 1st!

I feel so much lighter now.  All of this weight has just slid off of me and I feel like me again.  The stress is gone.  I just have to go in there, show them how awesome I am, and hope that I don't do something stupid - like trip over my own two feet.


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