Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 203 - "If I Just Breathe"

After nearly throwing up at work Wednesday because of the panic, nerves, and stress I've been feeling about grad school, I talked to my friend Sondra.  Sondra lived across the hall from me during my first year of college and was one of the first upperclassmen I had met.  She's also in a higher education administration program and working on her master's degree.

She reminded me that "early March" could be any time until around the 20th of the month, so I guess that I still have some waiting to do.  Not only that, the school was on spring break this past week, so all of my panic about this was somewhat irrational - no one was even there to discuss any of the applications, let alone send out interview invites.

We'll just wait and see, wait and see.  If all else fails, then Sondra's program has an application deadline of May 15th.  There's still time; I'm just uneasy as to how much time is enough.


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