Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 591 - One Month (And Then Some) Later

Okay, I know, I haven't been too good at this blogging thing lately.  I've been working.  A.  Lot.  When you average 80 hours a week between two jobs, it eats up time for other things, like blogging.

Graduate school results have rolled in through the snail mail - sort of.  I was denied at Miami University, which was a little upsetting to me, but more so for a friend of mine who is a current grad student there.  After a couple of cleansing breaths, I realized that I will end up where I need to be in the end, and that shedding more anxiety and tears over the situation is not going to get me accepted.  Surprisingly, there was no breakdown like previous rejections; maybe it was because I had to wait a week and a half between letters, and I figured if I had waited so long for a letter telling me anything, that I wasn't going to get in.  Or I'm getting used to being rejected.  Or deep down I figured I wasn't going to get accepted in the first place, because I am truly my own worst critic.  Gets me every time.

Ohio University, however, gave me better news.  I am on the wait list for the fall class, but the university has to give the first round of accepted students until April 15 to accept their spots in the class and their assistantships, which I am also wait listed for.  I'm trying to stay cautiously optimistic about OU; after all, if Miami denied me without considering my GRE scores and OU put me on the wait list with two bad scores and a great one, where does that put me?

On the other hand, I really just want to scream that I still have a chance.  I haven't said much about it at the Job from Hell because I feel like I already take enough flack and I really don't find it necessary to put up with any more high school-ish antics because I'm getting the heck out of there if I'm officially accepted.  Once I know either way, however, I'm going to make it known.  If I'm feeling crafty, I may just make a giant banner that says, "Ashley's leaving here for graduate school!"

Okay, probably not, as that's awful conceited and not anything like my style.  I'll just tell everyone I see that I'm going to graduate school and then be made to feel guilty all summer long because I refuse to be stuck there for the rest of my life.

Until then, I just have to keep ticking the days off the calendar until April 15.  I figure they won't meet until mid-week to discuss the wait list, so I should know after Easter.  Thank goodness the post office will still operate if the federal government goes into shut down.


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