Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 136 - "Oh the Weather Outside Is Frightful"

I was on Facebook, making fun of two of my sorority sisters who were snowed in their houses in the northern part of our county when the phone rang.

My aunt was calling from next door, talked to my mom, and after my mom hung up we discovered that we, too, could be snowed in tomorrow, or even tonight with up to ten inches of snow expected by tomorrow evening.


I love winter, I love big bulky sweaters, and I love snow. However, this is not all going to melt anytime soon and it's supposed to keep snowing into Monday afternoon. I have to go to work Monday morning, and my little Dodge Neon does not fare well when there are massive amounts of snow on the ground.


My boyfriend and I are supposed to go see a movie tonight, so let's see if we can dig out before this evening.


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