Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 18 - "Where Do I Go From Here?"

I've just realized this as I was sitting on my couch on a Saturday night and stuck watching my thirteen year old sister's favorite television shows again.

I am bored.

You would think, though, between working on this blog, writing for my freelance job, working another job, applying to graduate school, my boyfriend, and just trying to oh, I don't know, exist would be enough on my plate. Nope, I guess not.

I can't say I wasn't warned. "Life slows down after college and blah blah blah." And here was what I was doing: smiling, nodding, and thinking "yeah, this is what they told me when I was graduating from high school - you'll want to slow down, college is much harder!"

It could also be that maybe, possibly, I've discovered this concept of relaxation. I've been able to read books that I want to read, do this thing called play on the computer instead of research, and my favorite new activity, lounge on the living room couch and watch cars and things go up and down the road.

Maybe I need to appreciate life slowing down for awhile. I mean, I've been running non-stop crazy chicken with its head cut off for 22 years now. Maybe it's time to take one year to slow down, relax, and smell the roses where they grow instead of picking them and smelling on the run.

It might actually be a good idea. Good job, Ashley, good job.


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