Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 379 - "Bad Boys, What You Gonna Do When They Come for You?"

Why, hello again.

I've spent my entire holiday weekend busting plagarizers - how was yours?

Anyway, another writer at Suite101discovered a site called, which was taking articles and copyrighted work from other websites, reframing them on their website, and altering the Google Adsense code so that they got the profit from ad clicks instead of the people who, oh you know, actually host the material and own the copyrights.

I'm just steamed.  I never really had to deal with this before I became a feature writer, and in less than two months I've had two cases of plagarism.  Granted, it's the risk I take by putting my work into the public domain for anyone and everyone to see, but don't people respect copyrights anymore?  What happened to creating original work and competing with one another to be the best?  Writing market fundamentals, anyone? 

Buehler?  Buehler?  Buehler? 

After all of this emailing unknown web hosts who don't wish to be found, filing DMCA complaints with Google, and hoping that lightning hits these people, I could use a good glass of wine.  Or a very stiff drink and a good long nap. 

Dante should've created a separate circle of hell for those who infringe on someone else's copyrights and make them suffer with eternal paper cuts or carpal tunnel syndrome, depending upon how they stole the material.


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