Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 9 - "Here I Go Again"

My sister's all moved into her dorm, except for the fact that she came back after putting everything away. I kind of wish I'd have had that luxury in, wait, I don't. I barely had time to unpack, let alone put away anything.

I've been reading articles lately about how the analysts are saying that the economy is getting better. I have one question about that.

It is?

If the economy is getting better, then why is it that sales of newspapers are down by over 25%? If the economy is getting better, then why aren't the normal, everyday people seeing it? A recent ABC News report said that this year, more college students than ever can't pay their tuition bills. Personally, I recently went searching for scholarships and grants for students in graduate school and found seven. When I started my undergraduate degree, FastWeb had over 300 scholarships for me. Yikes.

For those of us who just graduated, it's insane trying to find any job out there. I'm thankful for even having my web writing job, despite me trying to transition from almost a lifetime of writing for print to writing for the web, content searching, and search engine optimization skills. Then the next day, I get up before the sun, go to work at my first job, come home to write for the second, and tick off the days until graduate school. Job searching is impossible when no one in your field is hiring. I got a tweet from Poynter today about a journalist who had been laid off twice by two different newspapers, and he was wondering if it was time to jump ship and get into the PR business. Lucky him; sometimes, I wish I had a ship to jump.

In other news, my vacation ends tomorrow and my return to the two job chaos starts Monday. It's been a somewhat productive vacation: three blog posts, an article, and another article either tonight or tomorrow sometime. Let's hope I don't burn out too soon.


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