Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 7 - "Dies irae"

One week later, and I've realized that I am a slacker. I don't care what anyone else says that I balanced 92.5 credits in five semesters, or that I wrote a thesis over 225 pages long, I am going to maintain that I am (somewhat) of a slacker.

Yesterday I was working on grad school applications and holy cow! The one for my first choice school is relatively easy, which surprised me. Just a whole lot of personal information, summarizing my resume, and an essay.

Then we get to application number two, and here are my simplified directions:

1. Sell your soul to an outside company (not website) that hosts the application.
2. Stand on your head and proceed to spin around until you puke, then keep spinning.
3. Enter your Social Security number 18.73 times.
4. Sign off your first born child, your spouse, and paternal grandmother in order to get the appropriate number of references.
5. Want an assistantship? (My reply - yes, please) Well then, throw in your father, second born child, and your favorite cousin to be considered.

This grad school wants to own my soul. Let's hope I get my first choice.

Note on the title: In honor of the first Tuesday (yesterday) or Thursday in six years that I have not had choir rehearsal, I pulled out a little of Verdi's Requiem. I performed the whole thing (all 1.5 hours) my junior year of college - so much fun! Maybe I need to find a hobby.


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