Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 117 - "She Used to Tie Her Hair Up in Ribbons and Bows"

I haven't blogged about the industry lately and really had no clue as to what to talk about. However, when one of my fellow writers at Suite101 posted a link to this blog post, I couldn't help but sharing.

Just for reference, I am not a man and I will not take on a male name in order to make money as a writer.

In response, I have come up with my own "Statement of Women Writer's Beliefs" that I think explains how I feel about the whole issue:

I, as a woman and practitioner of the literary arts, do hereby believe:
  1. I shall honor all those women before me who chose to claim the work produced by them, regardless of how discriminated against I shall be because of my gender.
  2. I shall remember that some of society's greatest works of literature were produced by women who were not afraid to use their given name.
  3. I shall continue to publish and promote any and all writing, by keyboard or by pen, created by me and my female name and by millions of other women around the world.
  4. I shall not "pass" as a member of the opposite sex to make an easier dollar, but will instead rejoice at the honest money I have made and will make in all professions because of my hard work.

There. I am woman, hear me roar!

Or, in this case, write my heart out and be proud that I am a woman who has enough guts and talent to share my writing with anyone who wants to read it.


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